InterWorx Announces Release Of InterWorx 5 Control Panel

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Web Hosting ServicesPittsburg, PA – InterWorx has announced the release of InterWorx 5, the newest version of the advanced web hosting control panel, which includes numerous new features, performance improvements, and security enhancements.

InterWorx 5 adds a host of innovative IPv6 management features, including the ability to auto-assign IPv6 addresses, use multiple IPv6 addresses per SiteWorx account, and support for the ip6tables firewall. Feature-rich load-balanced clustering is a key InterWorx technology, and InterWorx 5 brings full support for IPv6 cluster load-balancing.

The most striking change for InterWorx users is the brand new Heliotrope default theme, which brings a modern easy-on-the-eye look to all aspects of the control panel and takes its design sensibility from the InterWorx websites. The theme development system has also seen substantial work: third-party theme developers can now take advantage of more comprehensive layout options for customizing the way controls are presented to users.

InterWorx 5 is a significant upgrade and brings a huge number of additional features and fixes.
Among the highlights are:

-Support for multiple SSL certificates on a single IP,
-Multiple IP addresses per SiteWorx account,
-An improved file manager,
-A new setup interface for installations,
-Updated CloudFlare CDN plugin,
-Reorganized Yum repositories with tiered repos for stable and development versions,
-A new Yum repository management interface,
-A more informative and intuitive upgrade process, including automatic upgrades of cluster nodes when the cluster manager is upgraded,
-Layout improvements to overview graphs in NodeWorx.

To see the full list of new features and improvements, take a look at the InterWorx changelog.

“At InterWorx, we pay very close attention to what our customers tell us,” said Paul Oehler, CTO of InterWorx, “InterWorx 5 is the result of an ongoing dialogue between InterWorx and our users in the web hosting world. We aim to provide the most advanced and feature-rich web hosting control panel on the market without compromising on user experience. This upgrade puts us well ahead of our competitors in the areas that matter most to web hosts and their clients, including cluster management, IPv6 support, usability, performance, and stability.”

InterWorx is a full-featured control panel, suitable for hosting companies, web development agencies, resellers, and end-users.

The InterWorx application has two major operating modes. The NodeWorx control panel, which is aimed primarily for system administrators, offers comprehensive control over all the important aspects of a Linux server, including system services, DNS zones, firewall rules, and IP addresses. NodeWorx is also capable of server monitoring, managing server clusters, and creating and managing SiteWorx accounts and users.

SiteWorx is the end-user component, allowing hosting clients to manage their site and hosting environment, including PHP Script Installers to simplify the task of setting up WordPress, Magento, and other platforms, as well as managing domains, email and FTP accounts. SiteWorx also offers a useful set of site statistics modules so that clients can monitor bandwidth usage and other aspects of their hosting package.

Those interested in giving InterWorx a spin can check out the online demo, or try a free two-week trial licence.

About InterWorx:
InterWorx is an innovative web hosting control panel that’s scalable, reliable, high-performing, and secure. With industry-leading features such as multi-server clustering and powerful Web, CLI, and API based interfaces, it’s no wonder that InterWorx maintains one of the most passionate cult followings in the web hosting industry. For more information, or to request a free demo for yourself, visit

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