LiquidVPN Announces Modulating IP’s, a Revolutionary New VPN Technology

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Web Hosting Serviceslivonia, MI – LiquidVPN, an award-winning proxy and virtual private network (VPN) service, has just announced the launch of a new technology called Modulating IP’s that may very well revolutionize the way people use VPN services. The new technology is designed to increase a computer user’s online anonymity by at least a factor of ten.

Traditionally, every time people connect to their online VPN service, they get a public IP address assigned to them. This IP address can be traced, and the only way to get a new one is by disconnecting and reconnecting—which can be a very time consuming process. Thanks to their new Modulating IP technology, computer users will receive an IP address as usual when they first go online, but then after that, each time they click on a link, open or send an email, watch a video or download a file, there is a random chance that their public IP address will change. This makes it possible to surf anonymously and also makes it virtually impossible for the computer user to be tracked by their IP address.

“So for example, if you open a webpage you have a chance of getting a new IP address, refresh that webpage and the public IP address may change again, start downloading a file the IP address has yet another chance to change,” an article on the LiquidVPN website explains, adding that every time a request for data is made, the company’s core router will figuratively roll the dice and either keep the person’s IP the same or issue him or her a new public IP address, all while securely connected via an SSL VPN tunnel.

“The chances anyone will be able to re-construct the traffic is very small, and as we add more public IPs to the pool, it will become even harder for this to happen. No other online VPN service has anything close to this.”

In addition to the newly launched Modulating IP’s service, LiquidVPN has also just added two 10Gb VPN nodes—one on the west coast of the United States and the other in Ziln in the Czech Republic. These two new servers both support the new Modulating IP’s feature and will also allow people to download information and browse the Internet at full speed. Both of these new features are available to those who purchase the company’s paid VPN services, and they may very well help to put LiquidVPN at the top of the upcoming “Best Online VPN Provider” lists for 2013 and 2014.

Anybody who would like to learn more about LiquidVPN is welcome to visit the company’s user-friendly website at any time; there, they can read more about the Pro VPN service and other plans that are available, as well as the new Modulating IP’s technology.

About LiquidVPN:
LiquidVPN has grown to over 500 customers in its first eight months of operation. It is a small family owned company that is located in Westland Michigan. All of the company’s subscribers get free software for their Mac and PC that can interface with LiquidVPN’s servers. The company offers Unlimited bandwidth, Limited Bandwidth and Free VPN accounts to users. The founders of LiquidVPN feel everyone has a right to control the information they access and the footprints they leave behind on the internet and are actively taking the steps needed to provide users the tools to do just that. For more information, please visit

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