Tower Cloud Launches Upgraded 782 Mile Fiber Optic Network Across Central Florida

September 24, 2013 by  

Web Hosting ServicesSt. Petersburg, FL – Tower Cloud, Inc., a leading provider of wireless backhaul network services in the southeastern United States, today announced a major expansion and upgrade to its central Florida network in Orlando and Daytona Beach.

Tower Cloud’s Central Florida Generation Independent fiber optic network now provides carriers and enterprises through Orlando and Daytona Beach with an unsurpassed level of scalability to future-proof high quality service for exploding bandwidth growth demands. The 10 Gigabit-platform enables 1 Gigabit to the cell site (10x the current average bandwidth requirements of leading carriers) and the enhanced infrastructure to quickly enable even higher growth.

The Orlando and Daytona Beach network expansion and upgrade follow the recent completion of a similar upgrade of Tower Cloud’s Georgia and Alabama markets, and includes the addition of 54 new cell sites in Daytona Beach, and 102 sites in Orlando, increasing Tower Cloud’s Central Florida coverage nearly 200%. New intercity routes were also introduced along Tower Cloud’s network between Jacksonville, Daytona Beach and Orlando.

“Bandwidth intensive devices such as Smart Phones, WiFi hotspot devices and the rise of Cloud Computing are creating a tidal wave of wireless data demands. To accommodate this surge in demand, Tower Cloud is continuously enhancing our backhaul networks. This expansion will help our carrier customers in the Orlando and Daytona Beach areas deliver the best 4G LTE services well into the future,” said Ron Mudry, founder and CEO of Tower Cloud.

“The completion of this network expansion and update includes 10 network rings in Daytona Beach, and a 10x increase in data traffic capacity on Tower Cloud’s Orlando metro area network. Wireless device users at Orlando area theme parks, sporting venues, airports and resorts will experience improved performance on their wireless devices,” Mr. Mudry added.

About Tower Cloud
Tower Cloud, Inc. is a leading provider of wireless backhaul network services in the southeastern United States. Tower Cloud provides its customers the highest quality network experience, enabling current bandwidth intensive applications and the scalability to meet long-term capacity demands. The company’s Generation Independent Network™ delivers future-proof agility, predictability and reliability that satisfies wholesale, enterprise and wireless carrier customers need for ever-increasing network supply. Tower Cloud’s fiber optic network supports the data tsunami faced by wireless carriers, and supports the on-time delivery of mission critical, bandwidth intensive applications such as telemedicine and enterprise video on demand. Tower Cloud presently operates networks throughout Georgia, Florida, Alabama and South Carolina, serving major metro and rural markets with equal attention to speed and scalability. The company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida. For more information visit

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