WiredTree Announces Blazingly Fast Pure SSD Virtual Private and Hybrid Servers

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Web Hosting ServicesChicago, IL – WiredTree, a provider of managed virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and hybrid servers, has announced the introduction of two new Pure SSD hosting platforms. WiredTree’s new low-cost Pure SSD Virtual Private Servers and Hybrid Servers take advantage of the incredible performance advantage of solid state technology to provide an outrageously fast hosting platform.

Modern websites, online applications, and eCommerce stores rely heavily on fast file and database access to provide the best possible user experience. Unresponsive sites with slow loading pages can reduce conversions, increase bounce rates, and result in dissatisfied users. WiredTree’s new Pure SSD hosting solutions replace the outdated spinning disk technology that many hosting companies still depend on with ultra-fast solid state drives, resulting in easily perceptible performance improvements.

“We know it’s important to our hosting clients that they’re able to take full advantage of any performance improvements that new technology can bring to their sites,” says Zac Cogswell, President of WiredTree, “That’s why we continuously work to keep our hardware on the cutting edge. Our new Pure SSD hosting plans are the fastest we’ve ever offered, and we expect that clients will see increased revenues and higher engagement as a result of the enhanced user experience they facilitate.”

WiredTree’s Pure SSD Virtual Private Servers use solid-state disks for all storage. Each of the servers that run the Pure SSD VPS instances is equipped with 8 hot-swap SSDs in a battery-backed RAID–10 configuration. The disks are either Intel S3500 or Samsung 840 Pro SSDs, backed by a high-end LSI Logic MegaRAID controller for optimal performance and reliability. WiredTree VPS servers are built with high-quality server-grade components, including the latest generation Intel Xeon CPUs and ECC Registered memory.

WiredTree’s Pure SSD Hybrid servers are the perfect solution for clients who need the power of a dedicated server without the price tag. Hybrid servers have all the advantages of virtual private servers, but their guaranteed access to processing power, higher memory resources, and larger disk space allowances makes them more than a match for dedicated servers that are usually significantly more expensive. The combination of an SSD RAID–10 array with dual 32-core Opteron 6200 series CPUs and ECC Registered memory makes for a supremely powerful hosting platform.

“We’re always excited to see what our clients will do with the tools we build for them. The new Pure SSD VPS and Hybrid server plans offer a level of performance and reliability well beyond that which most hosting companies are capable of providing, and we’re looking forward to seeing how our clients will take advantage of the extra speed.”

WiredTree’s new SSD hosting plans are fully managed and come with the comprehensive range of benefits that WiredTree clients have come to expect, including round-the-clock support with proactive service monitoring, ServerShield server hardening and optimization, cPanel, and free migration assistance. Clients will also be able to take advantage of WiredTree’s famed level-ups, which provide regular resource upgrades at no extra cost.

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WiredTree specializes in delivering managed hosting experience that places the client in complete command; covering virtual, hybrid, and dedicated web hosting. As champions of customer care, it’s no wonder that more than 5,000 clients enjoy WiredTree’s free hardware level-ups.

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