Jelastic Teams with South America’s Largest Web Hosting Provider to Offer Next-Generation Cloud Platform

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Web Hosting Services – Locaweb Partnership Delivers Powerful, Cost-Effective Cloud Computing Solution; Offers State-of-the-Art Pricing Model for Developers.

Jelastic Inc., the industry’s first zero-code-change platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for next-generation cloud computing, and Locaweb, South America’s largest web hosting and infrastructure services provider, today announced a new partnership that enables the companies to offer a highly competitive, next-generation cloud computing platform in South America.

“We’re excited to kick-off our partnership with Locaweb and thrilled to be partnering with the largest web hosting company in Brazil and Latin America,” said John Derrick, Jelastic CEO. “Customer demand for scalable, easy-to-deploy PaaS solutions is on the rise, and we are seeing tremendous traction in Brazil, where Locaweb already has an impressive customer base and loyal developer following. Our alliance with Locaweb further validates Jelastic’s ongoing commitment to deliver a superior PaaS in dynamic, high-growth technology regions, such as South America, and around the globe.”

Locaweb services more than 260,000 customers and is one of the first web hosting providers to utilize state-of-the-art cost models in South America to derive increased value and significant savings. Locaweb’s cloud computing solutions are considered to be among the lowest cost offerings for most standard hosting customers in that region—even more aggressive than other leading hosting companies, including Amazon.

Jelastic is renowned for its unique approach to cloud hosting which can scale any Java or PHP application. The company developed the industry’s first zero-code-change PaaS for next-generation cloud computing, where installation and configuration are dramatically simplified and fully automated—providing full control over the servers. Additionally, Jelastic offers a highly intuitive UI that allows users to set up cloud environments within seconds, choose from major software stacks and enjoy an essential auto-scaling feature that saves critical time and money.

“Most of our partnering web developers are interested in exploring the advantages of hosting applications in the cloud, but many of them are unable to manage the ever-changing infrastructure requirements in such dynamic environments,” said Gilberto Mautner, Locaweb Founder. “We are pleased to team with Jelastic to provide an intelligent, powerful, automated cloud computing platform that our customers can easily deploy, run and scale even their most critical applications.”

Jelastic teams with key technology partners such as The Apache Foundation, Eclipse, NGINX, Oracle and Parallels. The company supports a wide variety of application servers for Java and PHP (Tomcat, TomEE, GlassFish, Jetty, Apache, NGINX), databases (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, MongoDB), Memcached and others.
Jelastic’s web hosting partners represent an integral part of the cloud revolution, offering advanced, attractive and competitive Java and PHP cloud hosting services to their customers. Currently, Jelastic partners with more than 20 worldwide web hosting providers to offer a sophisticated Java and PHP hosting platform in more countries than any other cloud platform in the market.

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About Jelastic
Jelastic is the world’s number one cloud platform and the only company today that delivers a zero-code-change PaaS that automatically scales any Java or PHP application. The Jelastic solution efficiently and intelligently allocates server resources—delivering true, next-generation Java and PHP cloud computing. With over 70,000 end-customers, Jelastic partners with more than 20 worldwide web hosting providers to offer a sophisticated Java and PHP hosting platform in more countries than any other cloud platform in the market. Visit us for more information or create a free, two-week trial at

About Locaweb
Locaweb was named as a leader for Hosting & Infrastructure Services in Brazil and Latin America in 2012, according to IDC, and was a pioneer in launching cloud computing services in Brazil in 2008. With 15 years of expertise and more than 21,000 partner developers, the company provides software (SaaS), platform (PaaS) and infrastructure (IaaS) solutions. Locaweb has more than 260,000 customers and the capacity for 25,000 servers distributed from its two data centers in Sao Paulo, Brazil and one in Miami, USA. With 8,000+ cloud servers, Locaweb’s cloud computing solutions are recommended for web developers and companies seeking a cost-effective and powerful infrastructure, elasticity to grow on demand and cost predictability. Locaweb provides the choice of either full administration autonomy or Locaweb’s infrastructure management. Learn more at

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