Ecwid Shopping Cart Now Customized for 1&1 Do-It-Yourself

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Web Hosting ServicesSan Diego, CA – Ecwid Inc., maker of the only e-commerce solution that enables retailers to add a full-featured online store to any web, mobile or social site in minutes, announces a new version of its 1&1 web app with its new “Chameleon” theme that matches the style of any 1&1 “My Website” template, and other enhanced features.

With the new “Chameleon” feature, Ecwid stores installed through 1&1’s app store now are visually and structurally compatible with any 1&1 do-it-yourself website template, automatically adopting the host site’s color scheme, CSS style and other basic designs, and requiring no design changes due to its presence.

Additional new features in Ecwid’s 1&1 web app include an improved user experience, mobile responsive design, full compliance with German and EU regulations, availability of 1&1’s iPayments and full support for German, French, Italian and Spanish languages.

Ecwid, used by over 375,000 retailers in 175 countries, reaches merchants directly or through multiple partners globally, including 1&1. The multi-platform Ecwid also is the most popular online store builder app on Facebook.

“As small businesses all over the world compete to capture online revenues, there is enormous demand for easily installed e-commerce functionality,” comments Maika-Alexander Stangenberg, Head of Corporate Communications, 1&1 Internet Inc. “We integrate best-in-class Apps, so website owners and end consumers can always trust that 1&1 MyWebsite will perform well. Apps like Ecwid that are deployed seamlessly within MyWebsite deliver powerful benefits for all levels of user.”

“1&1 is the world leader in providing essential hosted applications that help small businesses establish their web presence and become successful operations, and we are excited to be a key partner in their app market,” says Jim O’Hara, president of Ecwid, Inc. “With more and more small businesses transacting online globally, 1&1 is making it simple for small businesses to add a full-featured e-commerce solution to their DIY site quickly and seamlessly.”

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About Ecwid:
Ecwid is an affordable and full-featured cloud-based store-building application, compatible with any existing web, mobile or social site and payment system. A free plan is available. The Ecwid Facebook app is the leading shopping cart application on Facebook by active users, with more than 40,000 Facebook stores globally. Ecwid, available directly or through trusted partners globally, has over 375,000 registered merchants in 175 countries, and is available in 45 languages.

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