GoDaddy 1st To Launch ICANN’s New Domain Names

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Web Hosting ServicesSCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Today begins a new chapter in the expansion of the Internet, with the introduction of new Internet domain names. GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name registrar, is the first registrar to sell pre-registrations on the new, ICANN-approved domain name extensions, as part of a new program designed to expand the inventory of Internet website addresses.

Domain name extensions are what you see ‘on the other side of the dot,’ such as .COM, .ORG and .NET. The newest extensions end in .UNO, .MENU, .BUILD and .LUXURY, and more than 700 additional domain names are expected to launch over the next 24 months. These new names will give businesses and individuals a wide range of choices as they look for domain names that represent their businesses or interests.

“Domain names are essentially 21st century real estate that create your namespace on the Internet,” said GoDaddy Vice President Domains Rich Merdinger. “The new naming options will open up significant inventory and give business owners and entrepreneurs, and the public in general, more relevant choices that are specific to their business or location.”

In 2005, Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organization which oversees Internet naming — started the process to expand the naming conventions, and initial data has shown significant demand for the new Internet naming choices.

“We’ve heard from a lot of customers asking when they can start registering these new extensions,” said GoDaddy Vice President and General Manager Domains Mike McLaughlin. “Offering pre-registrations is a huge step forward for this process. We expect as more names come online, the demand will increase. These new names open up many more choices for consumers, which is great for the industry, and great for consumers.”

Each of the new domain extensions launching today for pre-registration have unique attributes. .UNO is a place online dedicated to Spanish speakers. .MENU gives restaurants a relevant name for their businesses. Contractors, designers, builders and more can use .BUILD. Those looking to appeal to a more affluent clientele, .LUXURY is available.

The pre-registration process enables customers to advance to the front of the line when the domain names are made available early next year. After pre-registration closes and registration opens, GoDaddy will work to capture the domain name from the operator, also known as registry. When successful, the pre-registered domain name will appear in the customer’s account, signaling the request has been secured. If multiple people requested the same domain name, it will be put to auction for those competing in the pre-registration step. If GoDaddy is unable to secure the domain name, customers will receive a full refund less any application fees.

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