Nexusguard Takes Discoveries to PacSec, Highlights Different Mitigation Needs Between Regions

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Web Hosting Services – At Black Hat USA 2013, Nexusguard disclosed in its keynote, “Bypassing DDoS Mitigation,” a way to bypass all current commercially available DDoS mitigation services and products. Nexusguard’s discovery means that DDoS attacks have the potential to wreak massive havoc in today’s Internet-reliant world, which is why it urged the development of next-generation DDoS mitigation strategies.

This year at PacSec, Nexusguard researcher Dr. Lee Wai Leng was invited to present the discoveries that Nexusguard disclosed at Black Hat USA. In addition to the original keynote, Dr. Lee also delved into practical implications of the discovery. Although months have gone by since Nexusguard first released the information, the discussions have only just begun.

In addition, Nexusguard has found that North America and the Asia-Pacific region place different emphases on DDoS attacks. While research in the North American market focuses on how to bypass CAPTCHA mechanisms, the Asia-Pacific region focuses more on technology that defeats defense mechanisms. Dr. Lee believes that this is due to the region’s use of more rudimentary authentication measures, such as HTTP redirect authentication, cookie authentication, and Javascript authentication; this is why attendees of PacSec are more interested in discussions of bypassing Javascript authentication.

Regardless of the differences, all current anti-DDoS measures can be bypassed by the latest DDoS toolkits, highlighting the scope and versatility of newer attack techniques. Dr. Lee emphasizes that development of next-generation anti-DDoS technologies must take into consideration the needs of different markets to be more effective in fending off increasingly sophisticated DDoS attacks.

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