Pre-Registrations for New TLDs Now Available through 1&1

November 12, 2013 by  

Web Hosting Services – Last Friday (November 8th) marked the next step forward for 1&1 Internet and new top-level domains (TLDs). The first released new TLDs are now officially available for pre-registration, in preparation for their official launch in January 2014. The new TLDs that businesses can begin to pre-register include:


New TLDs offer exciting branding and targeting opportunities for businesses on the Web. Not only are there new opportunities for establishing more relevant, memorable domain names, but also names that are more industry-specific. By pre-registering one of these domains with 1&1, businesses will be in a great position to secure their preferred domain as soon as it hits the open market.

These pre-registrations are on an exclusive first-come, first-serve basis, which means no other 1&1 customers are able to pre-register a domain option that has been previously chosen by another party. On the specific launch date of the selected TLD, the allocation of domains is carried out by the domain registry.

With so many TLDs to be released for pre-registration in the next several weeks, the 1&1 domain portal provides helpful news and information about the launch. Here, users can even receive recommendations of ideal domain names relevant to their business, based on specific industry or individual fields of interest. Once a specific domain name is ordered, users will automatically be informed of any news regarding that domain, including when the name is officially available.

The new TLDs offer great opportunities for businesses to expand their domain portfolio and improve their online presence while delivering more context to their online identity. Establishing an industry-specific domain name is a strong addition to any digital branding strategy.

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