JangoMail Launches New Backup Data Center

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Web Hosting ServicesSan Mateo, CA – JangoMail (, a leading email marketing service, completed their Backup Data Center this week. After announcing the addition at the end of October, the JangoMail support team has been working around the clock to finish setting up the secondary center.

JangoMail partnered with DataYard, a Dayton – based Internet service provider and Web hosting firm that specializes in server co-location, data backup, and storage services.

“DataYard has been very responsive to all of our needs, from start to finish,” said Dean Goodman, JangoMail’s Chief Technology Officer. “Though we hope to never need to fully utilize their services, we know they will be ready if we do.”

Located 50 miles away from the primary hub, the new Backup Data Center has different backbone internet providers and additional space to house the new database replica and servers.

The new center will protect against any extended outages, offering customers piece of mind and complete access to their data. In the rare event that the primary database goes down, the process to switch over to the new system is faster.

Additionally, scheduled maintenance outages are greatly reduced, and routine repairs will be performed ‘live’ without taking the system offline.

“The best part about the new Data Center is that users do not have to do a thing,” stated Kimberly Wright, JangoMail COO. “The user interface, API, and relays will perform the same way regardless of the center.”

Within the last year, JangoMail has made huge investments in security and support – first with their live call center and now backup data center.

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