Proxios Launches How Cloud Computing Drives Greater Efficiencies

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Web Hosting Services – Cloud computing drives efficiencies in a number of ways. One of those is what Proxios likes to call the “one to many” feature.

Proxios sees this scenario often: In traditional client/server computing, software is designed with a portion that resides on the client device (desktop or laptop) and the remainder on the server. One of the biggest challenges for all IT departments is maintaining and deploying software to all client devices. Anytime a change is needed, IT must deliver this update or addition to each client on an individual basis. Not only is this time consuming, but in many cases the IT staff has to deal with employees whose computers are inaccessible. It could be because they are traveling, or the computer is in use and the change is not something that can be accomplished as a background task.

Yet for a company operating from the cloud, all computing is server-based and all of the client computers are essentially remote terminals. When a software upgrade or patch is required, the change is made once at the server and immediately all of the users have access to the new version. The same is true for new software. Once it is installed on the cloud platform, clients gain access to the new software by simply granting security rights. In other words, the “one” is the server and the “many” are the multiple client PCs/laptops.

Clearly, this is a much more efficient way to manage applications, which is one of the reasons why cloud computing often lowers the cost of IT versus premise computing. But cost is not the only benefit. Growing businesses realize enormous time savings when bringing on new employees. “One to many” means that a new employee is issued their computer and log-on credentials and without further effort from the IT staff, they are able to begin working. In many cases this can eliminate weeks of effort and enables that employee to do their job starting on Day 1.

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Proxios is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and is the business of IT as a Service (ITaaS). As a pioneer in the field beginning the cloud journey in 1999, we have proven knowledge and experience to move customer infrastructure to the cloud, freeing customers to do what they do best, driving real business value from the applications that help run your business. We provide a wide range of cloud services to our customers throughout the United States and Canada including telephony and collaboration, business virtual desktops, and application hosting. For more information visit:

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