CirrusHosting Announces Open-Xchange Hosting Plans

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Web Hosting ServicesMarkham, ON – CirrusHosting, a leading provider of VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting, has announced that it will begin providing secure groupware and collaboration services powered by the popular Open-Xchange software stack. The new Open-Xchange plans will provide Canadian companies and government agencies with a secure alternative to Google Apps for Business or Microsoft Exchange Server, allowing them to leverage the benefits of cloud-based collaboration without the risks associated with using third-party or proprietary platforms based outside of Canada.

Open-Xchange is a collaboration platform for modern business. Employing a Software-as-a-Service model, Open-Xchange is a complete solution for business collaboration and online communication. The platform provides a centralized cloud environment from which users can manage their digital workspace. Among the apps included in Open-Xchange are email, a calendar, productivity and file sharing tools, task management, and social networking features. Unlike many groupware solutions, Open-Xchange is designed to integrate flawlessly with a multitude of hardware and software platforms, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Data is the lifeblood of modern business. It’s the single most valuable asset many companies own, and they can’t afford to risk unauthorized third parties gaining access. By ensuring that their data is kept within Canada on a platform managed by a Canadian hosting company, businesses and government agencies can be confident that their sensitive data is held in accordance with Canadian regulatory and privacy requirements. CirrusHosting’s Open-Xchange platform is housed in secure servers within their Canadian data centers.

In addition to a versatile set of collaboration tools, the new plans include free WordPress hosting. CirrusHosting’s Open-Xchange plans offer a complete hosting solution to business and government agencies, providing them with a secure communications platform that includes website hosting, streamlining the hosting procurement process.

“In 2013, the security and privacy landscape changed forever. Canadian government and business can no longer take the financial and legal risk of entrusting their and their customer’s data to companies that are not bound by the same regulatory frameworks,” commented Cirrus CEO Ehsan Mirdamadi. “But, nor can they afford to ignore the economic benefits of cloud collaboration. Our Open-Xchange plans combine the best in cloud collaboration software with hosting that Canadian organizations can rely on.”

CirrusHosting has built a reputation as a trusted provider of enterprise cloud hosting to Canadian business. The addition of Open-Xchange plans to CirrusHosting’s comprehensive lineup of cloud server, virtual private server, and dedicated server hosting products is a move that helps cement their position as a leading Canadian provider of hosting services to business.

About CirrusHosting:
Cirrus Tech Ltd. has been a leader in providing affordable, dependable VM and VPS hosting services in Canada since 1999. They have hosted and supported hundreds of thousands of websites and applications for Canadian businesses and clients around the world. As a BBB member with an A+ rating, Cirrus Tech is a top-notch Canadian web hosting company with professional support, rigorous reliability and easily upgradable VPS solutions that grow right alongside your business. Cirrus Tech’s enterprise hosting platform also provides on-demand, high-availability cloud hosting for clients who need the ultimate in scalability and performance.

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