ASEOHosting Adds 10 New Country-Specific IP Blocks to Its SEO Hosting Packages

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Web Hosting ServicesHudson, FL – ASEOHosting, a leading provider of multiple IP hosting, has announced the addition of new country-specific IP numbers to its international and local SEO hosting plans. Combined with the company’s expansive portfolio of country-code top level domains, the new IP addresses enable clients to be more competitive in international search markets.

The new IPs are from blocks that geolocate to a wide range of European countries, including Austria, Portugal, Macedonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, Greece, Belgium, and the Czech Republic.

When deciding the search engine ranking for searches made within a country, Google and other search engines favor pages that are relevant to that country. Two of the strongest relevance signals are country-code top-level domains and IP geolocation. It is often impractical to host a site within the target country: ASEOHosting’s portfolio of country-specific Class C IP addresses and country-code top-level domains allow its clients to display relevance without locating servers in target markets.

The new European IP addresses will join ASEOHosting existing range of multiple-IP hosting products, which include plans with up to 20 Class A IPs and 500 Class C IPs, and shared hosting and dedicated SEO server hosting in both the US and Europe. ASEOHosting’s plans offer everything hosting clients have come to expect from a premium hosting provider, including one-click installation of WordPress, round-the-clock support from experienced SEO hosting experts, and private name servers.

“In January we introduced an expanded range of country-code top-level domains to our SEO hosting plans, helping clients to effectively target international markets,” commented ASEOHosting’s Vice President of Customer Relations, Daniel Page, “This month we’ve added IPs that geolocate to the same regions, allowing clients to combine both local IPs and domain names, creating a powerful relevance signal that will their sites compete with local businesses in the SERPS.”

In addition to international and local SEO advantages, the expanded range of IP addresses will help SEO hosting clients deploy multiple sites with sufficiently diverse IP addresses that Google will not consider them associated, removing the risk of poor SEO performance that results from linking between sites that are closely related.

ASEOHosting’s SEO hosting products are built on the company’s optimized hosting platform and include easy-to-use and comprehensive configuration options via a web interface designed to support multiple IP hosting and the industry-leading cPanel control panel, daily and weekly backups, and unlimited email, MySQL, and FTP accounts.

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