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NUREMBERG, Germany– Open-Xchange, maker of open source communication and collaboration software, has announced the release of OX Spreadsheet, a browser-based spreadsheet application that allows editing and sharing of Microsoft Excel documents across various devices without any formatting issues or loss of information.

OX Spreadsheet will be available as a component of the cloud-based productivity software suite, OX Documents, and as an extension of OX App Suite, a web-based personal desktop, providing tools for easy management of email, calendar, documents and social network feeds.

Key features of OX Spreadsheets include:

  • ‘Round-trip’ editing – OX Spreadsheet allows users to edit and share documents without corrupting any original formatting, providing full compatibility with Microsoft Excel XML documents, with support for OpenDocument Format forthcoming.
  • UI simplicity and reduced complexity – Spreadsheet features a clean user interface prioritising the most commonly used features, making editing documents easy
  • Formatting efficiency – Users can re-use predefined cell styles for faster layouts and less manual reformatting
  • Real-time collaboration – Multiple users can collaborate on the same document with one user having exclusive editing rights meaning fewer versions, no simultaneous over-writing, less back and forth and improved consistency

OX Spreadsheet is a cloud-based application that can be accessed with an Internet connection and a modern browser. The intuitive, responsive design automatically scales and tailors the viewing format to fit the device screen size, whether you’re accessing it on a desktop in the office or on the go on a smartphone or tablet. All changes are auto-saved ensuring work remains safe at all times.

“When spreadsheets arrived on the scene they were hailed as the PC’s first killer app, and over thirty years later spreadsheets are more essential to businesses than ever before. Creating formulas and editing tables have been fundamental business tasks ever since office productivity software was introduced, but for too long people have had to compromise on their ability to share documents effectively, especially across non-compatible devices,” says Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-Xchange. “In today’s connected world, teams are scattered around the globe and are increasingly mobile in their working habits. Users require instant and efficient collaboration. With OX Spreadsheet they can edit and share content wherever they are regardless of what device they’re using.”

Released under GNU General Public License 2 and Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License, as well as under commercial licenses that offer support based subscriptions to telecom and mobile carriers, hosting companies, cloud providers and SI’s, OX Spreadsheet is another significant addition to the OX family of products, alongside OX Drive and OX App Suite.

OX Drive provides file syncing and collaboration features both in-browser and with native applications available for mobile devices. OX App Suite provides users with a consolidated platform for their digital activities, enabling people to manage their photos, videos and music as well as their emails, contacts, tasks, Twitter and Facebook feeds via a single intuitive, user-friendly interface.

All Open-Xchange software is  white-label ready giving hosters and service providers the flexibility to drive their own brand identity and create attractive product bundles across their ecosystem. This increases retention and ARPU (average revenue per user) as it provides integration points for service providers to promote and directly upsell third party and value-added services – allowing them to expand their revenue base.

Sold and delivered through cloud and hosting providers, telcos and select system integrators, service providers can now offer their own solution for their customers to edit and share files everywhere. The intuitive, responsive  design of OX App Suite makes for a better user experience, increasing customer retention.

OX Spreadsheet will be on display at the Open-Xchange booth #C02 during WorldHostingDays April 1-3rd in Rust, Germany for those attendance. As the largest global hosting event, welcomes the international hosting and cloud industry who consistently need to remain relevant in ever-evolving marketplace.

About Open-Xchange
Open-Xchange develops, markets and sells web-based communication, collaboration and office productivity software, which enables full integration of email, documents, scheduling and social media. Built for the cloud, OX App Suite connects business and personal worlds, across devices and legacy systems. Sold and delivered through cloud and hosting providers, telcos and local Internet services companies, OX App Suite gives individuals the freedom to collaborate, work and communicate the way they want to. Founded in 2005, the company is privately owned and headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, with offices in San Jose, CA, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For further information, please visit:

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