SafeID Aims To Protect Online Merchants From Fraudulent Purchases

June 30, 2009 by · Comments Off on SafeID Aims To Protect Online Merchants From Fraudulent Purchases 

Webmaster ToolsBOSTON, Massachusetts – Accucom Corporation announces the launch of SafeID, a new ID verification service designed to better protect online merchants from fraudulent purchases. The service dramatically improves the way e-commerce sites authenticate users with a simple code that seamlessly integrates the identity verification tool directly into a website’s checkout process.

SafeID authentication begins when a user’s name and email address are entered into the system during an intended purchase. From there, a series of five or six multiple choice questions are generated based on data from various sources and history of the potential purchaser. Depending on the integration, users will either take the test on the merchant’s site or receive it via email. Upon completion, the user’s score is made available to the merchant through their control panel, an API or by email which they can use to determine the customer’s authenticity.

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