Infinera Sets New Record for Integration

March 24, 2009 by · Comments Off on Infinera Sets New Record for Integration 

Webmaster NewsSunnyvale, CA – Infinera (Nasdaq: INFN) has demonstrated working photonic integrated circuits (PICs) delivering 400 Gigabits/second (Gb/s) of optical capacity in a single pair of chips using complex modulation formats. The 400G PIC will enable Infinera’s next generation optics to deliver up to 80% power savings over competitor 40 Gb/s wavelength optics based on conventional discrete optical components. Infinera’s 400G PIC will operate over Infinera’s ILS2 line system with 25 Gigahertz (GHz) channel spacing, delivering double the spectral density of competitor systems which operate over 50 GHz spacing.

Infinera’s 400 Gb/s transmit PIC, working in Infinera’s labs today, integrates more than 300 optical functions and enables a reduction in optical component packages from around 70 to just one. The 400G PIC pair marks a new and important landmark in Infinera’s PIC roadmap. It represents a fourfold increase in “bits per chip” over today’s 100 Gb/s Infinera PICs, and a forty-fold increase over chips in today’s competitor systems. Last year at this time, Infinera introduced our industry roadmap for the progress of photonic integration, setting out our goals for a 400 Gb/s PIC in 2009 and a doubling of bandwidth capacity or bits per chip every three years. Read more