Surf without the Sharks: Internet Guide Makes the Web Safer, Faster

October 7, 2009 by · Comments Off on Surf without the Sharks: Internet Guide Makes the Web Safer, Faster 

Web Host Blog Manchester, NH – A faster, safer, more reliable Internet is no longer a pipe dream. Dyn Inc. has leveraged its decade of computer networking and security expertise to make the home or office Internet experience faster, safer, and better though its newest service Internet Guide (Internet Guide). A simple click of the mouse allows anyone who is a Dyn Inc. customer to surf the web faster and more safely with the protection of Internet Guide, an opt-in service for additional protection at the DNS level. Internet Guide is far superior protection to downloadable software currently offered by service providers and third-party software companies, and it is included in the service package at no cost.

“Imagine being able to jump online without worrying about a virus, malware or spyware ever coming near your computer,” said Jeremy Hitchcock. “We set out to offer a solution to take the worry out of the equation. When our customers go online with the protection of Internet Guide, they never have to deal with annoying and scary software or online pop-ups on their computer screen warning that a virus is on the brink of being downloaded to their computer, and hoping that they hit the right button to block a malicious attack. Because Dyn’s technical team does this all remotely, at the server level, we keep dangerous content one-step removed from our customers and protect the end user.”

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