Get Your Business to Punch above Its Weight

August 19, 2009 by · Comments Off on Get Your Business to Punch above Its Weight 

Web Hosting ToolsSILICON VALLEY, Calif. & DUBLIN – Registered domains currently total 185 million, a growth of 20.8% over 2008, and are expected to reach nearly 297 million by 2011. This significant rise in domain name activity indicates the growing importance of generating a good online presence for your business. In more and more cases, start-up companies are punching above their weight, using technology to dominate over companies that have been around for generations.

Why go to a dentist whose details you find posted on the notice board of the local supermarket when you can go online and get an panoramic view of the inside of a dentist’s office down the road? Why spend time listening to your dentist explaining your dental issues while pointing at a demonstration set of teeth, when the dentist next door provides Photoshop views of how your teeth will look after treatment and before you have to spend a dime?

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eazybusiness Launch at World Cloud Computing Expo

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Webmaster ToolsPRAGUE, Czech Republic – eazybusiness launched this week at the International Cloud Computing Conference in Prague. The eazybusiness suite of applications, which include email, document management, time and attendance, web meeting, invoicing, inventory management and sales force management, are accessed securely by company employees over the internet.

“eazybusiness allows companies to save significant costs which is becoming all the more pertinent in the current recessionary climate. Why spend money supporting outdated in house applications or buying new servers? With eazybusiness you need never buy another server, all the applications are hosted in the cloud and are available from anywhere over the internet”, said Pat Bolger, CEO. Read more