eBillingHub® Selects Rackspace Hosting For High Availability and Performance

April 15, 2010 by · Comments Off on eBillingHub® Selects Rackspace Hosting For High Availability and Performance 

Web Host ToolboxSAN ANTONIO – eBillingHub®, the leader in simplified electronic billing for law firms worldwide, today announced that it has selected Rackspace® Hosting (NYSE:RAX), a world’s leader in the hosting and cloud computing industry, as its hosting provider. eBilling Hub will use the Rackspace’s Managed Private Cloud offering to service their customer’s e-billing needs. Their decision to select Rackspace as a hosting provider was driven by eBillingHub’s rapid growth and the increasing global needs of its worldwide customer base for scalable and continuous electronic billing operations. Rackspace’s Managed Private Cloud provides the scalability, flexibility and resource optimization that make shared cloud offerings so compelling but allows eBillingHub to maintain the optimal performance and security of a dedicated solution.

“We are focused on delivering simplified and automated eBilling for our multinational customers,” said Ryan Ladisic, VP of Sales and Marketing, eBillingHub. “Worrying about our IT infrastructure and cloud deployment takes time and energy away from our core mission of automating the process, and reducing the related costs of law firm electronic billing. With Rackpace we found a trusted and proven partner who has the expertise and worldwide skills to support our Software as a Service (SaaS) application needs on a 24/7 basis.” Read more