ElasticHosts Launches Ultra-Flexible, Scalable Cloud Hosting

August 12, 2009 by · Comments Off on ElasticHosts Launches Ultra-Flexible, Scalable Cloud Hosting 

Web Hosting ToolsLondon – ElasticHosts, the UK based cloud provider, today announced the launch of its cloud server solutions, which provide ultra-flexible and easy-to-use server capacity for scalable web hosting and on-demand burst computing. Customers benefit from a user-friendly interface that can be managed from any desktop and allows them to create virtual servers instantly and resize their capacity immediately.

ElasticHosts’ cloud servers allow customers the cost-efficiency of buying exactly the capacity they need today, with the peace of mind that they can immediately scale up. Capacity is billed on-demand by the hour, unlike traditional hosting contracts which tie customers to fixed capacity for up to two years. The servers run any PC operating system, are fully configurable and designed to accommodate all forms of web hosting. ElasticHosts offers a 100% SLA with 100x credits for downtime, and is the only Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider to offer two independent data centres in Europe, using PEER 1’s high performance 10 Gbps SuperNetwork™ infrastructure to support mission critical hosting needs where business continuity is vital.

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