LexiConn Releases Two Add-on Modules for ShopSite E-commerce

July 27, 2009 by · Comments Off on LexiConn Releases Two Add-on Modules for ShopSite E-commerce 

Web Hosting ToolsColchester, CT – The Quick Order module integrates seamlessly with ShopSite, allowing customers to enter SKUs and quantities into one form for easy addition to the shopping cart. This is useful for stores that publish any type of catalog as their customers can then place orders accurately and efficiently, saving the time of tracking down each individual product on the website. The module provides a confirmation of products entered, and also verifies that all inputted SKUs are valid before the products are added to the cart.

The LexiConn Shipping Module (LSM) ties directly into ShopSite, offering merchants a multi-faceted shipping application that can be used to effectively implement complex shipping scenarios. Features include restricting or allowing shipping options based on the customer’s country or state, as well as SKU based restriction capabilities. A merchant can enable shipping by weight, shipping by currency, or a flat rate in conjunction with configured restrictions to create a comprehensive shipping solution.

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