QuadraNet, Inc. Announces Additional Datacenter Plans for Dallas

March 25, 2010 by · Comments Off on QuadraNet, Inc. Announces Additional Datacenter Plans for Dallas 

Web Hosting ToolsLos Angeles, CA – The location marks a large leap in QuadraNet’s footprint in the United States as it is the first location of multiple across the country, in order to meet the demand for geographically dispersed datacenter solutions. Multiple locations across the USA will enable customers to fulfill their load balancing, redundancy, and geo-targeted requirements from a single company, allowing for ease of management and streamlined business processes.

“Dallas is the first of multiple planned locations for QuadraNet. We understand the needs of our customers and are working hard to meet them. Multiple locations will provide our customers with the ability to target localized regions of the country, thereby increasing speeds and lowering latency as services will be delivered more locally to their user bases. In addition to the localized speed improvements, our customers will be able to operate mirror copies of their websites and applications hosted in completely diverse locations for the ultimate in redundancy, load balancing, and backups.” says Christopher Gotzmann, Vice President of QuadraNet.
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