Rackspace Launches Media Services Solution

March 17, 2010 by · Comments Off on Rackspace Launches Media Services Solution 

Web Hosting ToolsAUSTIN, Texas – Rackspace® Hosting (NYSE:RAX), the world’s leader in the hosting and cloud computing industry, today announced from SXSW 2010 the launch of Rackspace Media Services. This Enterprise-level solution will provide an open source, direct-to-consumer (D2C) web infrastructure for music recording labels and other media segments that need to accelerate content delivery online, scale rapidly to respond to fan demand, and create new revenue streams.

Artists’ websites are becoming increasingly complex with eCommerce, user generated content, social media and custom applications, forcing record labels to act as IT “experts” and distracting them from their core business. As a result, many artists are turning to third-party digital solution providers for online music distribution, merchandise sales and concert ticket promotion – cutting record labels off from significant revenue and branding opportunities.
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Rackspace Launches Cloud Drive in Push to Expand App Offerings

November 19, 2009 by · Comments Off on Rackspace Launches Cloud Drive in Push to Expand App Offerings 

Webmaster ToolboxSAN ANTONIO – Rackspace® Hosting (NYSE:RAX), the world’s leader in hosting and cloud computing, today announced a set of new product offerings that help businesses move their IT applications into the cloud.  The new offerings from Rackspace include Rackspace Cloud Drive, Rackspace Server Backup, and the upcoming release of Hosted Microsoft SharePoint (expected to be released in December 2009). These new products help customers to spend less time maintaining basic IT systems, such as file servers and data backup software, and instead focus on their core competencies that drive revenue and add business value.  By putting these apps in the cloud, Rackspace is able to provide businesses with its award winning Fanatical Support ® and a compelling value proposition.

“Most every business needs to send emails, share files, and backup data.  But these systems are costly and complex to manage in-house,” said Pat Matthews, general manager, Rackspace Email & Apps.  “The cloud presents a great opportunity for businesses to save money and work smarter.  We believe that we are helping our customers gain competitive advantage by putting these apps in the cloud.” Read more

Rackspace Hosting Launches Carbon Calculator

February 18, 2009 by · Comments Off on Rackspace Hosting Launches Carbon Calculator 

Webmaster News SAN ANTONIO – Rackspace® Hosting, (NYSE: RAX), the world’s leader in hosting, today announced that they will have new tools available to help customers assess and reduce their environmental impacts. Rackspace customers can now estimate their total carbon footprint utilizing a new business carbon calculator, and access information to allow them to take steps to reduce and then mitigate their global warming impact.

The new carbon calculator was developed for Rackspace by NativeEnergy, a leading international provider of high quality carbon offsets and emission reductions, and represents the continuation of efforts to promote environmentally friendly programs that began under Rackspace’s Greenspace initiative, which was launched in 2007. Read more