Site Build It Delivers SBI 2.0

October 26, 2009 by · Comments Off on Site Build It Delivers SBI 2.0 

Hosting Tools –  SAN JOSE, Calif. – today introduced “SBI! 2.0,” the interactive generation of Site Build It!. SBI! is the all-in-one system of process, tools, support and updating designed to build successful e-businesses (not just Web sites or blogs, which are merely the “place of business”). Now, SBI! 2.0 delivers, through its proprietary platform, automated, regulated and high-quality Web 2.0 to small business owners, enabling visitors to easily generate unlimited content pages for them and increase traffic by creating a viral, inbound-link buzz.

This specialized software, in development since 2005, was released as a separate module to SBI! owners in 2007. Its steady refinement to date, along with outstanding results, culminate in its release as “the next generation of SBI!,” now available to all, free. Read more