SkGold Hosting Offers Over 4,000 Website Templates at No Cost

February 20, 2010 by · Comments Off on SkGold Hosting Offers Over 4,000 Website Templates at No Cost 

Web Hosting ToolsCANADA – SkGold Hosting is pleased to announce that their collection of 4,000-plus website templates is now available to customers at no charge. The templates cover a broad spectrum of business, career and special interest topics, and they simplify the entire web design process.

According to Mr. Krongold, founder and owner of the Calgary-based Canadian hosting company, the colorful website templates help users create stylish and professional websites that are suitable for any number of uses. “Our selection of templates goes beyond the traditional Business, Retail and Services categories. For example, our users can select templates designed specifically for limousine services or child care or tuxedo rental shops or music teachers.” Read more

SkGold Hosting’s Datacenter Goes Green

December 7, 2009 by · Comments Off on SkGold Hosting’s Datacenter Goes Green 

Web Hosting ServicesCalgary, Canada – Environmental considerations are helping to drive business decisions at SkGold Hosting’s datacenter. In a move intended to conserve energy and protect the environment, the company is pleased to announce that its datacenter has implemented new, “green” practices and procedures.

The datacenter for SkGold Hosting is addressing the energy concerns associated with greenhouse gases and global warming from more than one perspective. First, it has committed to using renewable energy sources for both its power and its cooling processes. Since it requires as much energy, if not more, to cool the servers as it does to bring power to them, this represents a significant commitment to renewable resources.
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SkGold Hosting Encourages Non-Profits to Apply for Free Lifetime Web Hosting Account

October 26, 2009 by · Comments Off on SkGold Hosting Encourages Non-Profits to Apply for Free Lifetime Web Hosting Account 

Hosting Tools Calgary, Alberta – Seizing an opportunity to return something to the community, SkGold Hosting announced today that non-profit and charitable organizations in Canada and the US can sign up for a Baby Website Hosting account, totally free of charge.

In today’s challenging global economy, it is absolutely essential that all businesses, including non-profits and charities, stretch every dollar in their budgets to the maximum. This offer should help ease some of the financial burden associated with maintaining an online presence for organizations that are not political or religious and that qualify as Canadian Registered Charities or 501(c)(3) organizations in the US. Read more