Nominum Broadens the Impact of Intelligent DNS with SKYE™ Cloud Services

September 22, 2009 by · Comments Off on Nominum Broadens the Impact of Intelligent DNS with SKYE™ Cloud Services 

Web Hosting Tools Redwood City, Calif. – Nominum, the leader in intelligent network naming and addressing today announced that it has extended its business through a new and independent business unit, called SKYE™. SKYE offers a suite of cloud-based services to address infrastructure and new service needs such as web services that connect to and augment Nominum’s installed base of Intelligent DNS systems worldwide and provide enhanced navigation, safety and security for end-user subscribers. SKYE also makes Nominum’s Intelligent DNS available to new markets by delivering fast, secure, and reliable hosted DNS services via a cloud infrastructure based on the same software currently serving over 170 million broadband households.

“DNS has evolved from a simple name resolution protocol to a policy-based system that provides essential availability, auditing and security services for the entire ecosystem of web-based applications,” said Eric Ogren, principal analyst at the Ogren Group. “Since the first step of any Internet request is a DNS lookup, the name service is a natural position to deploy technology asserting manageable controls over the complexities and threats of today’s Internet. With web threats dominating the Internet, the time could not be better for Nominum to launch its SKYE service for ISPs and enterprises.”

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