Ultraspeed UK Hosting Provider Reduces Storage Needs by 50%

October 20, 2009 by · Comments Off on Ultraspeed UK Hosting Provider Reduces Storage Needs by 50% 

Hosting Tools Fremont, CA — 3PAR® (NYSE: PAR), the leading global provider of utility storage, announced today that top-ten UK hosting provider Ultraspeed has consolidated onto the 3PAR InServ® F-Class Storage Server as part of a cloud computing datacenter transformation to support the underlying storage requirement for their next-generation Diskless Infrastructure®. With 3PAR Utility Storage, Ultraspeed has cut their storage capacity, administration, and power requirements in half and saved on support costs associated with the new infrastructure to support their Diskless Platform®. By consolidating onto a single 3PAR InServ Storage Server, Ultraspeed has not only increased the flexibility and scalability of their storage environment, but has gained the ability to purchase capacity only as they need it in order to reduce up-front costs, leverage falling disk prices, and minimize operating expenses associated with powering, cooling, housing, and administering disks.

Ultraspeed is renowned for their highly virtualized Diskless Infrastructure, which is built on their Diskless Platform. The Diskless Platform is a compilation of best-of-breed architectures which provides end users with the ability to deploy and manage their diskless storage in real time, without the limitations experienced with physical hard disk drives. Ultraspeed’s previous storage environment supported the first generation of the provider’s Diskless Platform, but was hitting major limitations in terms of storage capacity and this was affecting Ultraspeed’s ability to serve end users.

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