UNIXy Announces the Geographical Failover Challenge

October 12, 2009 by · Comments Off on UNIXy Announces the Geographical Failover Challenge 

Hosting Blog Houston, Texas – UNIXy announced today the inauguration of the cPanel Geographical Failover Challenge. The challenge aims to educate and showcase live the effectiveness of its cross-datacenter failover platform. The platform leverages geographically dispersed but concerted world-class facilities to maintain a genuine 99.99% uptime over a period of two years.

A front-end dynamic portal running on the UNIXy failover platform is accessible to the public. Internet users across the world are encouraged to post comments on the portal and interact with the UNIXy crew. As we aim for data integrity and consistency should a disruption occur, content will automatically be replicated and preserved over time. A third-party public uptime report is also presented on the challenge portal.

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