Digi Releases Dual Purpose KVM over IP, Console Management Device

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Webmaster NewsMINNETONKA, Minn. – Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII) today introduced the Digi Passport I-KVM, a pocket-sized, cost effective tool that allows IT personnel to easily manage remote servers and remote network equipment. The Digi Passport I-KVM provides KVM over IP and console management functionality allowing users to manage remote servers via KVM over IP while simultaneously managing another device like a router through a serial console port. It is ideal for accessing and managing servers and network equipment at remote locations such as remote offices, remote retail locations and remote educational/lab facilities. It is also ideal for managing equipment housed at hosting companies and for cost-effectively IP enabling analog KVMs.

Loyola College’s IT department uses the Digi Passport I-KVM to manage a server in a closet located in a remote building on its campus. Patrick Reavey, senior systems engineer for Loyola, comments: “We can see a lot of uses for this device throughout our campus. The low cost and scalability will allow us to add more units as needed. It was very easy to set up and has proven extremely reliable. We also no longer need to conduct regular site visits to manage the server. This has saved us time and made us more efficient.”

“The Digi Passport I-KVM can dramatically reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need for on-site service of remote servers,” said Larry Kraft, senior vice president of global sales and marketing, Digi International. “Everything can now be done remotely through a laptop or anywhere an Internet connection is available. It also allows users to easily IP-enable their existing analog KVM equipment. This gives users remote access for a small price and allows them to keep their existing analog boxes.”

The Digi Passport I-KVM features automatic adaptive compression for efficient network bandwidth use. It uses up to 100 percent less bandwidth than other KVM solutions providing lower network overhead and a better user experience. Users can easily access the Digi Passport I-KVM over the network, the Internet, through industry-standard free virtual network computing (VNC) viewers or handheld devices like an iPhone. No proprietary software is needed, and there are no additional software fees. Additionally, the Digi Passport I-KVM features virtual media support to transfer files to remote servers. This allows IT personnel to install fixes and patches or load new software remotely by transferring the data over the network.

The Digi Passport I-KVM is a highly scalable product featuring daisy-chain Ethernet and daisy-chain power. Users can simply add Digi Passport I-KVMs as necessary eliminating the need for expensive multi-port devices. Up to eight Digi Passport I-KVMs can be cascaded using only one Ethernet switch port and one power supply.

The Digi Passport I-KVM features one KVM/IP port and one console server port. It also includes strong security including AES encryption and RSA 2049 bit public key for video access. Additionally, the Digi Passport I-KVM features non-blocked access using Web browser or free VNC viewers, and remote user authentication support for LDAP, RADIUS, TACACS+ and Kerberos.

The Digi Passport I-KVM is available now with prices beginning at $559. For more information, please visit

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