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Webmaster NewsTartu – has released a fully rebrandable content management system for hosting companies, who want to provide easily editable webpages for their customers. Rebrandable means that the entire software interface will be modified to suit customers own branding. To make starting a website business easier, Zimplit will also provide manuals, demos, templates and even monthly newsletters. All this will carry customers brand.

Most of the small website companies and organisations are struggling to construct their own content management system. This is due to the fact that most of the content management systems don’t suit their needs. Our CMS is fully customizable and brandable. If a customer wants to provide websites for children, the toolbar can be with only a few buttons, for business users, much more will be included. The Zimplit toolbar can be modified to suit exactly customers needs. Due to this, Zimplit CMS provides a great advantage for small web companies and designers who can start offering a full service to their clients. Companies can get their own branded content management system up and running in few hours.

Zimplit provides not only a content management system, but also readymade and custom templates. This have been a good solution for universities who are already testing the system. It is important to them that their students and research groups will have an opportunity to make free websites. Most of these groups have been using different softwares and templates. Zimplit gives universities an opportunity to collect all different kinds of webpages under a unified brand and style.

Zimplit is the easiest Open Source CMS (Content Management System). It is extremely light weight, simple and customizable. It’s easy to install, and easy to use via a simple web interface. Zimplit doesn’t need a database and it consists of only a one core engine file. Zimplit is created by Krabi ja Mask, one of the oldest design agencies in Estonia. Since 1998, Krabi & Mask has been offering web solutions, print design, and digital media solutions for European businesses.

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