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Webmaster NewsSan Carlos, CA – Cotendo, a content delivery network and innovator of software-focused CDN technologies, today announced a complete suite of Internet content delivery applications that addresses the sophisticated and evolving needs of mid-market content providers. The Cotendo Content Delivery Application Suite improves performance and user experience while giving content providers application-level flexibility to control content in real time.

“Content providers have a critical need for a flexible platform that enhances the performance of all the deliverable static and dynamic assets in their Web site or application, with key features such as real-time content control, the ability to match the expense of CDN to monetization, and real-time reporting for both technical and non-technical users,” said Ronni Zehavi, Cotendo’s CEO. “Our Content Delivery Applications Suite is designed as an agile platform specifically to answer these customer needs.”

Complete suite of content delivery applications

Cotendo’s Content Delivery Applications Suite is highly integrated and based on patent-pending software technology. The Cotendo suite comprises:

Cotendo Content Delivery provides high performance, cost-effective, global delivery for cacheable Web content such as images, media objects and static HTML. It significantly improves the end-user’s experience while providing content providers with delivery flexibility and scale. This service includes Cotendo’s innovative “Views” feature, an advanced management interface for sophisticated control of all Cotendo delivery applications.

Cotendo Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA) enables content providers to maximize the performance of dynamic data-based sites and Web applications. Cotendo DSA increases the speed of non-cacheable dynamic content while at the same time increasing efficiency and reducing load on origin servers. Cotendo DSA is fully integrated in the Cotendo Content Delivery Applications Suite. As such, it allows whole site control of dynamic and static content through a single management interface, as well as the efficiency and performance benefits of delivery from an integrated delivery platform.

Cotendo CDN Balancer, a unique Cotendo offering, empowers content providers to implement a multi-source CDN strategy for resiliency, expense control, and business agility. Cotendo CEO Zehavi pointed out that Cotendo is the first and only CDN to offer content providers the freedom to change and manage their traffic flows. “With our CDN Balancer, content providers can precisely control how they split distribution among Cotendo, their existing delivery resources, and even other CDNs, based on rules and real-time conditions,” he said. “No other CDN gives content providers this level of flexibility.”

Cotendo Advanced DNS (Domain Name Service) gives content providers unified and advanced control of DNS services integrated with Cotendo’s distributed CDN delivery platform. CDN deployment improves total user experience as well as security of a provider’s web services.

Cotendo RT Reports & Analytics gives content providers actionable, real-time data on their traffic and audience. Included are C-level reports that give managers the visibility they need to make agile business decisions.

Zehavi noted that, until now, the CDN market has not adequately met the evolving needs of many sophisticated content providers. “The real challenge of global content delivery, now and in the future, is system efficiency and functionality, driven by the underlying software. We are the first to address this challenge,” he said.

Cotendo was founded by Ronni Zehavi, CEO, Udi Trugman, Vice President of R&D, and David Drai, Chief Technical Officer, all experts in intelligent content management systems. The Cotendo leadership team also includes Gary Baldus, Vice President of Operations, and Mike Sawyer, Vice President of Marketing, both experienced executives from the CDN Industry.

About Cotendo
Cotendo is a content delivery network and an innovator of software-focused CDN technologies. Cotendo’s full suite of content delivery applications is addressing an important unmet need that Internet content providers have for application-level flexibility and sophisticated management of performance and cost. Cotendo is led by experts in intelligent content management and content delivery networks. Founded in 2008, Cotendo is funded by Sequoia Capital and Benchmark Capital. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with R&D based in Israel. For more information about Cotendo and its Content Delivery Applications Suite, visit

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