Comodo Endpoint Security Manager Shields Vulnerable Servers

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Webmaster ToolsJersey City, NJ – Comodo’s new server protection software will defend nodes in enterprise networks from malicious attacks. This new safeguard joins the other Comodo branded products protecting enterprises, including security software, encryption and vulnerability scanning.

PC users who adopted Comodo’s award-winning security software at home have brought it to work with them. Recently the firm has developed products geared specifically toward enterprises, including disk encryption and server protection.

“Protecting servers is critical to network security,” said Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO of Comodo. “Users can rely on the Comodo brand for complete protection. The Comodo brand is already recognized as being a provider of high-assurance SSL certificates for encrypting communications, and for first-rate vulnerability scanning. Now, enterprises worldwide will trust the Comodo brand for its complete protection of their networks.”

Endpoint Security Manager also boasts remote and centralized management of Comodo Internet Security software on all networked PCs and servers. With Comodo Endpoint Security Manager, IT departments can

* Protect with Comodo’s award-winning firewall and antivirus with Default-Deny Protection™
* Seamlessly add or remove security configurations and applications, maintain a sound security policy
* Receive immediate notification of potential threats occurring on any part of the network
* Save hundreds of desktop support visits per year to improve reliability and technical staff effectiveness
* Reduce costs, simplify license management, and provide an immediate ROI

Other Comodo branded products for enterprises include digital certificates for encryption, and vulnerability scanning and authentication software for compliance requirements.

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