SAManage Launches New Partner Program for Hosting Providers

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Website ToolsSEATTLE, WA – SAManage, a leading provider of on-demand IT management software, today announced the launch of a new partner program for hosting service providers. The new program enables providers of hosting services to offer their customers the benefits of an on-demand IT Management solution. By bundling SAManage with their existing services, hosting providers can provide their customers with a more complete solution for their IT service needs.

The new program is especially attractive to the many companies and IT departments that have existing relationships with a hosting provider. These companies can now gain the benefits of an on-demand IT management service delivered by a trusted provider, avoiding the overhead of establishing new vendor relationships.

“SaaS represents a large and growing opportunity for hosting providers that are looking to extend their services, deliver broader solutions and create new business in the current economy,” said SAManage board member, Kurt Daniel. “By offering the SAManage solution, hosting providers can differentiate themselves in the market, reach new customers, and capture higher margin revenues.”

The SAManage on-demand IT Management service makes it easy for companies of all sizes to track hardware and software inventory, detect risks and compliance gaps, and improve service levels. Using the service, companies are able to:
• Reduce IT costs by accurately tracking existing inventory to ensure budgets and assets are correctly utilized
• Improve productivity and IT security by detecting unauthorized and illegal software
• Minimize the legal risk of software non-compliance
• Enhance service levels to users with integrated help desk capabilities

Delivered in a SaaS model, the SAManage solution can be implemented in minutes with no hardware or software to install, manage, or upgrade. Service costs are easy to budget for, with no upfront license outlays and no long term contracts. SAManage offers a free trial period that enables companies to use the service in fully operational mode prior to subscribing.

Program members gain access to pre- and post-sales support, customer and technical support, marketing collateral, joint PR opportunities and more.

About SAManage
SAManage is a leading global provider of on-demand IT management solutions that helps organizations better control their IT inventory, organize licenses and contracts, detect risks and license compliance gaps and provide IT help desk service. SAManage empowers companies of all sizes with IT management capabilities that were previously available only to large companies, making it easy to automate and simplify the daily tasks associated with establishing IT governance, control, compliance and user satisfaction. For more information or to sign-up for a free trial, visit or call 1-888-250-8971.

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