K7 Computing CTO Delivers Speech on “Users apathy towards everyday threats” in ISOI

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Web Hosting Tools Chennai – K7 Computing’s CTO Andrew Lee, delivered a lecture to the Internet Security Operations & Intelligence (ISOI) event held in San Diego, California, USA between 16th and 18th September 2009. In his presentation, Andrew spoke about various recent internet security threats and common PC users’ apathy towards them as they tend to focus more towards the well known ones that hit the headlines for inflicting large scale damages across the globe. He spoke about the importance of also understanding and safeguarding against the low profile threats that do not get the media attention.

Andrew Pointed out that “the users are often only concerned with the ‘big hitter’ threats like Conficker, and if they somehow avoid getting infected with those, they become complacent, but the fact is that there are many threats released every day that are equally threatening and important as the latest media scare. It’s very important therefore to keep regularly updated Antivirus and patch the machines to help to prevent infection.” His discussion used statistics that showed that thousands of new threats emerge every day, unnoticed by the media, but that certainly are affecting users in the real world. “Don’t just focus on the threat of the day, because you can easily miss the big picture, it’s like worrying about not getting Swine flu, but forgetting to take precautions against malaria”, he added.

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