Comodo to Continue Free Email Certificates for Personal Use

October 20, 2009 by  

Hosting Tools –  Jersey City, NJ – “Comodo continues its commitment to free email security,” said Abdulhayoglu, the Chief Security Architect at Comodo. “We care for end users. We won’t abandon them.”

Abdulhayoglu’s comments were in response to thawte’s announcement that it would revoke its existing email certificates as of November 16. Both thawte and Comodo are certificate authorities, organizations sanctioned to issue digital certificates, small computer files that allow their owners to encrypt and decrypt other computer files.

Encryption scrambles email messages and attachments, rendering them unintelligible to anyone but the owner of the appropriate digital certificate. Unencrypted emails can be intercepted en route, read and altered.

Comodo secure email certificates ensure that email remains private by encrypting with up to 256-bit security, and digitally signs emails to ensure authenticity and integrity. Major mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, and Thunderbird all trust Comodo email certificates.

Comodo offers a simple online application and installation. The certificate is available in minutes. Because Comodo believes that secure communications are a right–not an expensive luxury–Comodo secure email certificates are free for non-business use. For a free email certificate, visit

About Comodo
Comodo is a leading brand in Internet security, covering an extensive range of security software and services, including digital certificates, PCI scanning, desktop security, online faxing, and computer technical support services.

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