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Web Hosting Services VANCOUVER, Wash. – Dotster, Inc., a leading provider of Internet business services, today announced that FreeFi Networks utilized Dotster’s web application development services to create m2go, an on-demand download service for airline travelers. FreeFi had an idea to further monetize its free, ad-supported Wi-Fi service by making movies and games available on-demand to travelers waiting to board airplanes. Rather than develop the application internally, FreeFi opted to work with Dotster, a trusted business partner, to leverage its resources and expertise in web development.

“We already have several airports using our free Wi-Fi service and sharing in advertising revenues; m2go was formed on a great, but simple idea to take advantage of that captive audience,” said Larry Laffer, executive director, FreeFi. “The execution of this idea was more challenging as travelers only have a limited amount of time during a layover or prior to boarding, and other online download services can take hours to download movie-length files or rely on continuous streaming that in-flight bandwidth can’t support. We needed expertise to quickly put our idea into action, and that’s when we turned to Dotster for web application development help.”

In addition to providing a high-quality, quick download, all the media files offered in m2go needed to be encoded with digital rights management, preventing the content from being shared on the Internet, and ensuring it expired within 48 hours of the rental or 24 hours after the user started viewing the movie. Dotster’s expertise in web application development and its emphasis on a collaborative, efficient development processes is what led to a successful m2go prototype within six weeks.

“Our web development team takes an active role in ensuring the success of every application or website we develop,” said Clint Page, CEO, Dotster. “We work collaboratively with our customers to overcome challenges and to ensure that the application provides an exceptional user experience to their end-customers.”

With m2go developed and operational, FreeFi needed to enlist movie studios to supply the downloadable content. “During our first meeting with Disney executives we sent a full length film to their laptops within minutes, and not long after the meeting we had our first movie studio partner,” said Laffer. “They were impressed with the speed and ease of use of our service, which of course Dotster played no small part in ensuring.”

m2go is available at the Oakland International Airport and has experienced positive initial success. FreeFi is working with other airports across the nation, as well as other movie studios, to expand its m2go service. For more information on Dotster and FreeFi’s partnership, please read the complete case study.

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