Crescendo Networks Announces Twitter-Enabled Management Appliance for AppBeat

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Web Hosting ToolboxMENLO PARK, CA – Crescendo Networks, developer of the market’s top-performing application delivery platform for Web businesses, announces the upcoming release of a new add-on management appliance designed to monitor its AppBeat application delivery controllers. The AppBeat SC Service Controller features advanced alerting capabilities, including the option to send alerts via Twitter.

Enabling real-time and historic monitoring of multiple AppBeat DC application delivery controllers deployed within single or multiple data centers, the AppBeat SC allows network administrators to create trending reports as well as receive real-time alerts on problem conditions for both application delivery and networking. Key features include:

• The ability to collect and store networking, device and service level information for up to 18 months.
• The option to receive alerts via Twitter, email or SNMP, with the benefit of Twitter access via mobile handsets as well as web browsers
• The option to have Crescendo Networks’ customer support team monitor the user’s Twitter account as a service in order to accelerate assistance when needed.

The AppBeat SC extends the benefits of Crescendo’s AppBeat DC family of application delivery controllers, the only ADCs in the industry that are deployed on a purpose-built hardware platform specifically engineered to accelerate and optimize and monitor application delivery as well as boost server and network efficiency. The AppBeat series – including 1Gbps, 4 Gbps and 10Gbps controllers – outperforms other solutions because of a parallel processing architecture that allows multiple features to be enabled without the usual performance degradation or resource contention. Web sites utilizing AppBeat DCs for application delivery typically see up to a 70% improvement in site response times.

“The AppBeat SC is the first monitoring and alert system for our flagship AppBeat line of application delivery controllers as well as the first Twitter alert mechanism in the space,” said Adoram Ga’ash, CEO of Crescendo Networks. “Together, the AppBeat DC and AppBeat SC equip Web properties with the most advanced application delivery and monitoring infrastructure in the industry.”

The AppBeat SC will ship with pre-packaged alerts as well as allowing users to create custom alert scenarios. Alerts can range from degradation in response time and an influx of concurrent HTTP requests to more complex monitoring reports, such as pre-defined variations in requests per second indicating problems like a site attack. Administrators can also use the alert system to flag traffic volumes beyond a pre-set threshold in order to avoid premium charges from ISPs.

About Crescendo Networks

Crescendo Networks accelerates and optimizes delivery of business-critical Web applications through the market’s best-performing application delivery controllers. A purpose-built hardware design with a massively parallel architecture enables Crescendo’s ADCs to outperform competing products under peak load with all features turned on, allowing servers to serve user requests even under massive HTTP traffic or extreme load. The company’s products are used by many of the world’s most sophisticated and fastest-growing Web properties to ensure usability, facilitate rapid business growth, lower IT costs and capture additional revenue. For more information, visit

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