3-Day London Cloud Conference Attracts Wide International Audience

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Web Hosting ToolsLondon – The 2nd PoweredbyCloud 2010 and the first international Cloud Law Summit taking place in London over three days, 8-9-10 February 2010 has attracted a wide international audience, particularly from the enterprise sector.

The PoweredbyCloud conference has established a reputation for providing strategic insight into the evolution of cloud services and business models that work.  With a speaker academy comprising of experts and front line players from Europe and North America, the event is positioned as the key content platform for providers and users.

In addition to the 2-day content driven conference, a special summit will focus on emerging Cloud Law will draw on experts from the US and Europe to discuss the implications of the Patriot Act in the United States, and EU Data Directive for enterprises.  Other topics covered included Privacy in the Cloud, Open Law, financial services, Cloud content and liability, negotiating contracts for Cloud Services, and how Cloud law might be framed in future.

“What emerges from this important conference in terms of creating a commercial and technological perspective of cloud services and infrastructure in Europe will be of key interest to enterprises,” commented Philip Low, managing director at BroadGroup, the conference researchers and producers. “The added dimension of how potentially a wide range of cloud issues will be treated legally represents the first such initiative across the region, and is also being observed from Brussels to Tokyo.”

The summit follows the second annual PoweredByCloud conference, also hosted by BroadGroup, which will take place in London, February 8-9 2010 at the America Square Conference Centre and features industry leaders from Amazon, BT, Cisco, HP, IBM, and Intel among others.

PoweredByCloud has established itself as the market leading cloud computing conference for business leaders and strategists. With representation from both sides of the Atlantic, the summit offers both content insight and an outstanding opportunity to network with senior legal advisers, government officials, professional intermediaries, experts, technologists and enterprise leaders.

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