Top Changes 2010 Focus to Datacenter Growth

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Web Hosting ServicesPittsford, NY – After 15 years in business, has changed their business strategy to focus on Datacenter and Enterprise hosting services. The new 2010 business strategy allows a strategic focus on the significant growth that they have seen in the Datacenter and Cloud Computing space over the last several years.

Within their 36,000 square foot headquarters located in Pittsford, NY, has built one of the most technically advanced, reliable, and secure SAS70 Data Centers in the region with over 6,000 square feet of raised floor currently available with an additional 18,000 square feet planned. “We have strategically engineered our newest Data Center with state of the art technology enabling us to provide the most reliable and cost effective solutions to our clients”, says James Salviski, Founder/CEO of

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) have developed a set of guidelines for evaluating service organizations. these guidelines are called the “State of Auditing Standards Number 70” (SAS70). has contracted with an independent auditing company named WoodCPAPlus, which provided a detailed assessment of their control objectives and activities over a six month audit period. Despite the rigorous process and investment it takes to receive a SAS70 certification, it will be a great benefit to their clients as well as prospective clients. The SAS70 certification allows their clients to use the report for their specific security requirements and compliance regulations. is one of the only data centers in Upstate New York to receive a SAS70 Type II certification. This report is available for distribution starting February 9, 2010.

One major addition to their new Datacenter design is cutting edge Energy Efficiency Measures. has recently introduced their “GreenMeter” web based PUE Portal for Colocation Customers. This allows all Colocation customers to see the amount of power they are using along with the overall Datacenter Efficiency Level, or PUE (Power Usage Efficiency). The more efficient the Datacenter Facility, the more money their clients save.’s Datacenter already has multiple competitive advantages in the efficiency rating. For starters, The “GreenMeter” calculates the efficiency of the Data Center in real-time utilizing a network of revenue grade power meters that have been installed on all Data Center equipment. This tool has enabled to fine-tune their systems, which has increased the efficiency of the Data Center by an additional 15%. This tool has also helped confirm that the efficiency of the Data Center is proportionally reliant on outside air temperature. As it gets cooler outside, it takes less energy to keep the servers cool. Therefore, is able to increase the percentage of their total power usage that goes to the servers. For every degree the outside temperature is below 80F, the Data Center operates at a significantly more efficient level. With the annual mean temperature of Rochester being 48 degrees Fahrenheit, combined with reasonable electric rates and great fiber paths in and out of the region, Upstate New York is an ideal location for Data Centers. is currently the only Datacenter in upstate New York and one of the few in the country that offers revenue grade power metering for all of their electrical circuits allowing them to pass the savings on to their clients.

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