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Web Hosting ToolsNetherlands — The leading enabler of Cloud services, Parallels, announced today that the Dutch hoster Keenondots will implement Parallels Automation to provide a complete end-to-end automation platform to provide cloud services for their customers, including regional small businesses and larger national and international clients.

Keenondots provides managed services to support the infrastructure needs of over 750 customers and selected Parallels Automation as the flexible solution that will support all core cloud enablement processes. Parallels Automation provides Keenondots a scalable platform. “We are now implementing a very mature system that covers all our core cloud enablement processes, from account management to virtualization technology, disaster recovery and service monitoring. Our already automated way of doing business with many key suppliers will be enhanced even further,” Laurens van Alphen, founder and owner of Keenondots said.

“We have been using Parallels software, including Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, since 2005 and have already deployed its latest Parallels Server for Bare Metal technology,” Laurens van Alphen said. “Parallels Automation will be used for our entire line of services including domain registration, hosting, online backup and in due time we will connect our line of hosted Microsoft applications, such as Exchange and Sharepoint.”

Through Parallels Automation, Keenondots can continue to provide excellent customer service and build new profitable service offerings.

“With a relatively low number of employees we enhance our competitive advantage and we will continue to extend excellent customer service to our customers.” Laurens van Alphen said.

“Parallels Automation allows partners like Keenondots to offer a full suite of profitable services to its customers,” Jack Zubarev, President of Worldwide Service Providers at Parallels said. “Hosters and cloud services providers can rely on Parallels Automatoion to help improve revenue per user, reduce churn and focus on their core business.”

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