Attenda delivers new SaaS Cloud platform for Onboard Retail Solutions

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Web Hosting ToolsLondon – Attenda Limited, the Always On Managed Services company, today announced that Onboard Retail Solutions® has signed a three year contract with Attenda to manage the multi-tenanted infrastructure for its SaaS application delivery.

Onboard Retail Solution is part of the BOM Group, a specialist software developer and IT solutions provider for police forces, government departments, onboard retailers and other large enterprises. Onboard Retail Solutions provides onboard retail technology solutions for the airline, rail and ferry industries, with a mission to help airlines, train operators and ferry companies to dramatically increase ancillary revenue by combining technology solutions with retail knowhow, to streamline the onboard retailing process.

Attenda was selected by Onboard Retail Solutions as its SaaS hosting provider, in a competitive tendering process, to enable the business to provide both an on-premise and SaaS deployment option for its retail application. The company wanted to ensure that it not only remained focused on its core business activities, but also that it could benefit from the increased availability, scalability and enhanced security that Attenda would deliver.

As Dan Hayter, Sales Director, Onboard Retail Solutions comments, “We were being driven by our clients to offer a highly available, secure hosted SaaS deployment option for our retail application, but we did not have the required infrastructure skills and resources in-house to manage a multi-tenanted SaaS infrastructure environment.”

Attenda is providing Onboard Retail Solutions with a fully managed retail back office platform, for centralised management of onboard retail transactions made by handheld terminals on aircraft, trains and ferries. The solution utilises Attenda RTI Cloud computing platform, providing enhanced scalability and agility as Onboard Retail Solutions targets larger higher profile organisations, to continue to grow its client base. The Attenda RTI Cloud computing platform delivers rapid platform scalability, providing Onboard Retail Solutions with greater business agility and reducing the time to deploy new client implementations.

As Hayter concludes, “By partnering with Attenda we can extend our market reach, providing much higher levels of scalability and security than our in-house infrastructure solution could offer, and with the additional capability to provide a cost effective DR option when this is required by our clients.”

About Attenda Limited
Attenda (, the Always On Managed Services company, manages those vital applications that every business relies upon today to function effectively allowing our clients to selectively outsource their IT operations and re-focus on using IT to add strategic value to their business.

About Onboard Retail Solutions®
UK based Onboard Retail Solutions®  helps airlines, rail and ferry operators to maximise ancillary revenues by combining the latest POS technology with its onboard retail management platform and over 14 years of knowledge and experience to increase onboard sales whilst controlling operating costs.

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