New Windows Phone App Provides Linux and UNIX Access “On the Go” For Webmasters And System Administrators

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Web Hosting ToolsMountain View, CA – Aton International, Inc., Trusted Mobile Applications and Embedded Systems Developers, today announced the release of Aton Connect for SSH, VT220, Telnet v8.1 for Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5. The app provides webmasters, system administrators and IT professionals a fast, secure way to access command line applications on Linux and UNIX servers from a Windows Phone.

While most consumers are accustomed to accessing web and desktop software applications using graphical user interfaces, webmasters and system administrators often need to access Linux and UNIX applications directly using the command line, the text-based input method originally developed for computers many years ago. In some cases, the IT professional wants to use an application on the server that only features command line input. At other times, the web developer may want to tweak code directly to get a web page just right.

This mobile app gives them rapid access to make changes or solve problems at any time. Aton Connect for SSH, VT220, Telnet combines the reliability of Aton International’s Telnet terminal emulator with the proven communication and robust security elements of PuTTY 0.60 SSH/Telnet client for the Windows XP/Vista/7 desktop operating systems.

It supports security protocols SSH-2 and SSH-1 including various security ciphers for easy access to a variety of servers. Aton Connect includes a SSH public / private key generator with a private key format conversion and import/export utility. The user can generate security keys and configure the host server right from the phone. The private key format conversion and import/export utility (OpenSSH, SSH Tectia, PuTTY) allow you to use the private keys from your desktop SSH clients.

The familiar command line interface minimizes training and adoption time. The user can adjust font size and color and background color to make viewing easier. Switch to landscape mode, talk on the phone or use your internet browser without losing your server session. Record a series of keystrokes as a macro and map it to a keyboard key to cut down on tedious input. Aton Connect has a custom soft keyboard for Telnet terminal emulation which gives easy access to function and control keys along with a full Latin9 character set for Western European languages including euro symbol.

Aton Connect for SSH, VT220, Telnet accommodates a wide variety of touch screen phones that use the Windows Mobile operating system such as HTC TouchPro II, Samsung Omnia II, HTC Pure, LG eXpo and many more.

The downloadable software license is very modestly priced at $7.99 USD per phone making it a very affordable webmaster’s tool. Enterprise licenses that feature easy remote deployment and single registration key are also available.

30 day trial software can be downloaded from the Aton Connect product page. Knowledgeable technical support from Aton International, Inc. is available for trial users so that testers are able to get a working result in the shortest time possible. There is also a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Licenses for Aton Connect for SSH, VT220, Telnet may be purchased on the company’s website, at Windows Marketplace for Mobile, and affiliates, based in the US and Europe and and also through a number of corporate resellers in the US and Europe.

About Aton International, Inc.
Aton International ( has been assisting organizations for over 25 years to get reliable data access from devices and systems. The company offers mobile applications and mobile/embedded software and firmware development for original equipment manufacturers, systems integrators and enterprise IT. Aton International, Inc. is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner based in Northern California.

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