Fibernet Receives SAS 70 Certification Following Annual Review

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Web Hosting ToolboxOrem, UT – Fibernet Corp., an Orem-based dedicated hosting, managed colocation, online marketing, and Internet service provider, was recently awarded Type I SAS 70 certification for its Orem data center.

The certification, issued by the Cadence Group, provides independent verification that Fibernet is in compliance with industry-best practices in areas of physical and network security and services delivery.

SAS 70, short for Statement on Auditing Standard 70, was instituted as a measure of qualification for service organizations after the Sarbox Act of 2002. This act was passed in the wake of the Worldcom and Enron scandals that had devastated the US and worldwide economies during the early 2000s.

Mr. Lee Livingston, CFO of Fibernet Corp. said of Fibernet’s recent certification, “By having our operations verified by a third party, we hope to create the kind of trust in our clientele that can only be won through transparency. We welcome the opportunity to subject our processes to the types of reviews that are necessary for publicly traded companies and are of increasing value to today’s security-conscious business. Our compliance with PCI, in addition to SAS 70, is a good example of this commitment.”

Fibernet received PCI certification in April of last year, becoming the first PCI compliant data center in Utah, and consequently, one of the nation’s forerunners in the cause of standardized data security measures.

Mr. Livingston ended by stating, “Our compliance in both of these areas—SAS 70 and PCI—not only eases the auditing burden of companies that are subject to PCI and SAS 70 standards, but also increases the security and confidence of Fibernet’s customers.”

About Fibernet Corporation
Fibernet Corp. has been a leading provider of IT Infrastructure and Data Center Colocation services since 1994. Building upon a reputation of quality service, outstanding reliability, and unbeatable value, Fibernet continues to excel as a company that has never lost focus on the customer.

Its employees are well-trained, informed, and eager to assist their clients in all matters of Internet connectivity, data storage, and more. For additional information on the Internet and data solutions Fibernet can create for you, please visit

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