Pronto Group Launches CloudPronto – New Cloud Server Company

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Web Host ToolboxFORT LAUDERDALE, FL – In a move to offer instant scalability, redundancy, power and performance, Pronto Group is rolling out a new cloud offering. Pronto Group’s Cloud Servers and Dedicated Cloud seek to enhance your business opportunities by taking advantage of virtual hosting and cloud computing technologies. Dubbed CloudPronto, the new division offers the same enhanced reliability and affordability guarantees as ServerPronto — in the cloud.

Based on VMware’s virtualization technology, CloudPronto’s cloud servers bring the power and high availability of the cloud to the dedicated server model. Just like a dedicated server, cloud servers offer total access to run applications and host websites on a fault tolerant platform. The difference between ServerPronto’s dedicated servers and CloudPronto’s cloud servers is the use of virtualization to share hardware with other cloud servers and to provide platform fault tolerance.

“Imagine being able to move an active server from one host server to another without ever loosing connection to vital services, and being able to provision a server or upgrade a server’s hardware on the fly,” said Octavio Diaz, Operations Manager at CloudPronto. “That’s the idea behind our new Cloud Servers.”

With the cloud model, organizations can witness significant savings because they only use — and only pay for — the bandwidth needed. CloudPronto’s Cloud Servers allow organizations to quickly provision, deploy and take down virtualized server instances as demands on the server change.

“CloudPronto’s new Cloud Server and Dedicated Cloud offerings provide value-oriented pricing and custom configuration options,” Diaz says. “Each cloud server gives you full root access to your Linux distribution or administrator access to your requested Windows version. As with all Pronto Group products, our Cloud Servers are backed-up by 24×7 Expert Technical Support.”

About CloudPronto Hosting
CloudPronto is part of the ‘Pronto family’ of companies with MailPronto, ColoPronto and ServerPronto, which have been leading a low-cost revolution in the hosting industry since 2003. Following in those footsteps, CloudPronto Hosting is poised to change the way businesses worldwide buy IT, by delivering computing-as-a-service. Integrating the industry’s best technologies into a flexible service offering, making computing more reliable and affordable.

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