Small Businesses Cut Cost and Carbon Footprint By Outsourcing Business Communications

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Web Hosting ServicesNew York, NY – Small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) decrease power consumption and reduce utility bills when switching to cloud-based communication services, according to Intermedia, the world’s largest Microsoft Exchange hosting provider. Intermedia delivers Exchange, the leading business email platform, from its cloud infrastructure – four datacenters – direct to nearly a quarter million business people.

According to Michael Osterman, principal of industry analyst firm Osterman Research, “The savings stemming from eliminating on-site servers can reach thousands of dollars per month for the average 100-person business. The source of these savings is primarily reduced license and staffing costs, but lower power consumption alone contributes up to about $870 in savings per server each year.”

With technologies critical to service reliability and efficiency, Intermedia can power approximately 240 mailboxes with BlackBerry, OCS and SharePoint using resources equivalent to a single server. An in-house installation, with the redundancy appropriate to the business critical nature of these services, would likely use four to eight servers.

Small- and mid-sized businesses are increasingly outsourcing services such as business email, telephony, smartphones, instant message, and fax to achieve savings, higher reliability, and access to 24×7 support.

“Many small- and mid-sized businesses are interested in reducing their environmental footprint, but the realities of their business require they balance those efforts against the impact to the bottom line,” says Jonathan McCormick, COO, Intermedia. “Outsourcing communications technology and using hosted providers can help businesses reduce costs, replace big hardware expenses with predictable monthly bills, and cut back on power consumption. These same services also help businesses operate remote workforces with less travel, further reducing energy consumption and costs.”

Companies looking to reduce their environmental impact in conjunction with Earth Day can follow these five easy tips:

1. Have employees turn off computers when leaving the office at night.
2. Use video conferencing instead of business travel.
3. Encourage public transportation. Offer employees travel vouchers or reimbursement for your city’s public transportation system.
4. Unplug unnecessary electronics at the end of the day. Electronics such as chargers, fans and lamps use unnecessary power even when in “off” mode.
5. Adopt hosted communications. Outsourcing your company’s servers will save your business on electric bills as well as valuable company time and resources spent on in-house servers.

About Intermedia
Intermedia is the premier provider of communications services, including hosted Microsoft Exchange, to small- and mid-sized businesses. For an affordable monthly fee, customers get business email, telephony, smartphones, instant messaging, fax and other communications delivered as a service with 24×7 support. Intermedia also empowers thousands of smaller VARs and MSPs – as well as select Fortune 500 companies – to sell communications services under their own brand. Founded in 1995, Intermedia was the first company to offer cloud-based business-class email and now has over 225,000 premium hosted Exchange mailboxes under management – more than any other provider. For more information, visit

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