Flexiant Launches Cloud Computing Working Lunches

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Web Hosting ServicesLivingston, UK – “Flexiant has launched a series of working lunches aimed at data centre managers and hosting providers to explore the bottom line value that cloud virtualisation can bring to their organisations, and importantly, how this can best be delivered to their customers.”

The first event will take place on Wednesday, 9 June in London and it is estimated that 20 industry leaders will take part. The second working lunch has been confirmed for 6 July in London and more dates are expected to be announced.

Robert Karssiens, Director of Sales & Marketing at Flexiant explains: “By bringing together industry peers and experts, our aim is to cut through the jargon and demystify the cloud. There is considerable hype about the cloud and this has led to a degree of confusion in the market place. What we want to do is to help data centre managers and hosting providers understand the principles and the practical steps needed to offer their customers a cloud computing infrastructure.”

Flexiant has brought together three of the most exciting companies working in this space today – 3PAR, Cohesive FT and Zeus – to collaborate on the development of a top to bottom “best of breed” cloud platform. This highly flexible, infinitely scalable platform is specifically architected to reduce complexity, drive down costs and improve competitive edge.

All four companies share a commonality of approach and believe the unique combination of their offerings provide real opportunities for data centre managers to drive down the cost of capital expenditures and reduce time to market.

Karssiens continues: “The core technologies of all four companies are complementary and together can provide an end to end cloud solution that is both pragmatic and agile. We are extremely excited to be bringing together such a powerful group.”

Extility is Flexiant’s licensed virtualised cloud platform, delivering all the benefits of real-time server estate management to end-users through its unique user interface and API, allowing provisioning and reconfiguration of servers in seconds or minutes rather than hours, days or weeks.

3PAR® is the leading global provider of utility storage, a category of highly virtualized, highly efficient, and dynamically tiered storage arrays built for utility and cloud computing. The company
delivers an agile and efficient alternative to traditional storage through the application of internal, array-based virtualization, thereby cutting total cost of ownership (TCO) for storage by up to 50%.

CohesiveFT has been providing enterprise-grade virtualisation and cloud products since 2006 (Elastic Server and VPN-Cubed). Its early participation in the market provides it with the expertise to help enterprises understand the real benefits of cloud computing from assessment through to deployment.

Zeus software enables users to create, manage and deliver exceptional online services. Businesses that demand a flexible, robust and secure web infrastructure use this award-winning software to manage their web-based application traffic.

The events will take place throughout the UK and places are strictly limited. To find out more or to attend please visit

First Event
Wednesday 9 June 2010 :: 12.30 pm – 2.30pm :: Eight Club, Moorgate, London, EC2

About Flexiant
Flexiant is a software and services company offering Extility software to data centre, telecom and hosting providers. This allows licensees to build their own cloud and sell cloud services to their own customers using their own brand. FlexiScale is the Europe’s first cloud computing platform. This platform was launched in 2007 by XCalibre Communications Ltd, an award winning company with a 12 year track record of providing hosting services to the enterprise market, and subsequently acquired by Flexiant.

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