New OTP Server 3 from Nordic Edge Indicates the Future of Authentication

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Web Host ServicesSTOCKHOLM – The OTP Server is easily installed in the customer’s environment or rented as a cloud service. With the OTP Server in place, money is saved on administration and helpdesk cost and by reducing operational costs compared to other authentication solutions. The OTP Server prevents illegal access to company data, ensures compliance and provides maximum access security without compromising user-friendliness.

The OTP Server supports multiple authentication methods with policy-based enforcement. A wide range of authentication methods is available – everything from token-less authentication such as one-time password via SMS, pre-fetched codes or a client for mobile phones. All authentication methods can be available to the user simultaneously, where policies can be set to control authentication methods for different users. New in this release is support for YubiKeys from Yubico, with automated enrollment of the keys, which means that the administration of hardware tokens can be reduced by over 80 percent.

Other exciting features include Identity Management functionality and comprehensive RADIUS support. Pledge, the client used to generate one-time passwords on your mobile phone, comes with automated enrollment from the OTP Server. This allows a fast rollout of tokens to companies of any size.

“We have been focusing heavily on customer requirements and requests for this release”, says Christer Roslund, Chief Developer, Nordic Edge. “Users of remote access solutions want a hassle free experience, and the companies implementing the solution wants to save money on administration and support, so that’s what we’ve delivered along with outstanding functionality”.

With integration support for all popular remote access solutions and internal environments, the new OTP Server is all you need when it comes to securing your remote access.

Nordic Edge
Nordic Edge develops solutions for Identity and Access Management for both local networks and cloud computing services. With Nordic Edge, organizations save time and money while securing remote access and improving user administration processes. The offering includes two-factor authentication, role-based delegated user administration and user provisioning.

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