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Web Host ServicesSan Antonio, TX – ServerBeach, the leading dedicated hosting provider that prides itself on being by Geeks for Geeks, today announced that it is the first company to offer fully configured MongoDB dedicated servers on dedicated hardware. MongoDB, an alternative to MySQL, is a scalable, high-performance, open source database management system (DBMS), which will enable customers to minimize errors and maximize the output from their data.

As Robert Miggins, Senior Vice President Business Development at ServerBeach explains, “MongoDB offers the benefits of a relational database without the complexities and costs associated with this type of system. At ServerBeach, we’re big fans of companies who are moving technology forward, which is why we’re proud to be the first hosting company to offer custom-configured MongoDB dedicated servers.”

Miggins continues, “Non-relational databases, such as MongoDB, that are provided on dedicated hardware, offers organizations the benefits associated with the Cloud, without the associated concerns around security. Each user has access privileges set for corresponding operations on the database. In addition, MongoDB offers significant benefits in terms of performance, power, and support to new hardware technologies, as well as flexibility and the capacity to meet all types of data needs. Essentially, if developers want to add more power and processing to their database they do so by scaling horizontally – resulting in no requirement for an additional storage area network (SAN). This means that the performance and reliability that big enterprises have developed is now available to everyone.”

ServerBeach is a leading dedicated hosting provider that delivers powerful dedicated servers, convenient server management tools, and 24x7x365 LifeGuard Support™ all on our rock-solid PEER 1 IT infrastructure and SuperNetwork™ backbone.

Key features of MongoDB include:

* Document-oriented storage (the power and flexibility of JSON-like data schemas)
* Dynamic queries
* Full index support, including secondary indexes, inner-objects, embedded arrays, geospatial
* Query profiling
* Fast, in-place updates
* Efficient storage of binary data large objects (e.g. photos and videos)
* Replication and fail-over support
* Auto-sharding for cloud-level scalability
* MapReduce for complex aggregation

Dwight Merriman, CEO of 10Gen, the company that developed and open sourced MongoDB concludes, “It is great to see companies such as ServerBeach, at the forefront of the market, embracing MongoDB. MongoDB is one of the fastest growing databases in the emerging NoSQL movement and we are excited to work with ServerBeach to provide this capability to their customers.”

Commenting on the decision to introduce MongoDB servers Miggins concludes, “At ServerBeach we are constantly looking for ways to make our customers’ lives easier and more efficient, and the MongoDB meets those needs. We are confident that this addition to our portfolio will not only be very popular with our customers, but will deliver some dramatic results and we look forward to working with them to ensure this is the case.”

ServerBeach will be offering MongoDB through its website from May 18, 2010. To receive further information and purchase the system please visit:

About ServerBeach
ServerBeach, a division of PEER 1 Hosting, offers self-managed dedicated servers build ‘By Geeks, For Geeks’ (TM). Built on solid hardware, server automation tools and the PEER 1 SuperNetwork, ServerBeach provides Linux and Microsoft users with a low-cost dedicated server, complete with a full set of developer’s tools. The company specializes in self-managed dedicated servers on Linux and Windows platforms.

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