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Hosting ServicesRutherford, NJ – Solar VPS, the leading provider for Windows and Linux Virtualization Hosting and Services, announced today the launch of its new web site.

“We’ve worked tirelessly over the past 6 months to develop and design an accessible, cross-platform and search engine optimized web site. This new version of our site includes many new service offerings and as a result is significantly larger than any previous version. Making this new version highly user-friendly and efficient was critical and I truly believe we’ve accomplished that goal. Our new site sets the stage for Solar VPS as a true global managed services provider”, said Ross Brouse, CEO of Solar VPS.

Celebrating 5 years in business, Solar VPS has expanded upon its service offerings to become much more than just a Virtual Private Server (VPS) provider. New billing and automation systems have facilitated the launch of Hosted Exchange, Hosted Sharepoint, Windows Shared Hosting and Dedicated Servers.

“We’ve spent the past few years focusing on our core infrastructure, identifying the best way we can provide for our customers growing needs. With the launch of the new site and our expanded service offerings, I am confident that Solar VPS is in the perfect position to provide our customers with solid growth opportunities for many years to come”, said Douglas Hazard, Vice President of Sales.

While still incorporating the general look and feel of the previous site, the new web site backend is completely re-written and optimized for performance and usability. SEO analyst and consultant to Solar VPS, Franki Nguyen, engineered the new web site backend design.

“This new site utilizes TN3’s new architecture which heavily focuses on usability and accessibility, Standards Compliance, and SEO. We’re looking forward to feedback and making further tweaks to improve user satisfaction.” Said Franki Nguyen, Director of TN3 Productions Australia.

In addition to the new service offerings, Solar VPS also plans to add several new service offerings to its product portfolio later this year including additional Hosted Messaging and Collaboration services and a highly advanced Cloud Computing Platform.

About Solar VPS
Established in 2005, Solar VPS was founded on the concept of a virtualized business infrastructure. Utilizing virtualization and automation software, it has quickly become a global hosted applications service provider. Through its practice of a virtual business infrastructure and strong partnerships with industry leaders, Solar VPS delivers a fully automated service platform that enables a focus on personal client relationships and superior customer support.

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