Assistanz Launches VPS Management Solutions

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Hosting ServicesINDIA – Assistanz, one of the leading web hosting support provider comes out with another Unlimited cPanel Virtual Private Server (VPS) Management Solutions with Monitoring.

After receiving an overwhelming response for its cPanel Server management which got accolades from all over the world and to step further ahead into the process, Assistanz proudly announced its new venture “Unlimited cPanel Virtual Private Server (VPS) management and monitoring service for the lowest price ever offered in the industry.”

The Unlimited cPanel VPS Server Management includes all the features as specified in the “cPanel Dedicated Server Management” which has been launched previously except the price which is much more affordable. The cPanel VPS Management costs only $19/month/server. Features like unlimited server management via support tickets, 2 Ports monitoring, 24×7 availability, 30 day money back are also included on cPanel VPS Server Management.

“The VPS Server Management with Monitoring is definitely good news for all VPS Owners” said Mr.Jaffer Ali – CEO of Assistanz Networks. “Although the work involved in Dedicated Server Management and VPS Management is similar, the domain capability, applications are much lesser on VPS than compared to dedicated server. The server audition will be also much easier on VPS. We are directly offering this savings to customers and made it possible for such price” Jaffer added.

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About AssistanZ
Based in Coimbatore, India, AssistanZ is a leading provider of outsourced server management services. AssistanZ manages both Windows and Linux servers and offers a wide variety of ancillary services, including outsourced Web Hosting support, professional multimedia & Web design, customer management, software management, and much more.

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